Teknik Dekor
Teknik Dekor Teknik Dekor Teknik Dekor Teknik Dekor Teknik Dekor Teknik Dekor

* Shop Fittings Manufacturing
* Aluminium Facade Systems
* Aluminium Door&Window Systems
* Handrail Systems
* Balcony Glazing System
* Insect Screen Systems
* Furniture Sign and Display Profiles
* Aluminium Composite Panels
* PVC Profiles
* Stand ve Display Systems
* Pergola Awnings

Company Profile
Our company was first established in 1970 in the aluminum industry. Since then we have been serving a wide range of products in Aluminum and Glass Systems .
Phone: +90 212 577 60 17
Fax: +90 212 544 62 91
(London Metal Exchange:LME UK)
Why Aluminium ?
• Stainless and resistant.
• Perfect light reflects.
• Lighter than copper and brass 3 times .
• Alloys are even more durable than steel.
• The same amount of production quality.
• Aesthetic and can be painted any color.
• Cold and heat resistant.
• It does not spark and toxic gases during the fire.
• All the features are recycled.